Pasta Deli italiano
STARTER: Mussels and Clams Appetizer
A fresh and crunchy appetizer for a Christmas dinner
PASTA: Spaghetti with Lobsters
A classic recipe easy to realize and very tasty
RECIPE: Grated Filled Zucchini
Delicious and delicate, filled with meat and other tasty ingredients
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DESSERT: Cannoli Siciliani
The perfect marriage between dough and ricotta cream
TRADITION: Lamb with Thistles and Eggs
An ancient and delicious recipe to be tasted!
WINES: Champagne is a choice
champagne...talks just need to taste it...
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Macaroni with anchovies, dried tomatoes, capers and toasted breadcrumbs. Easy, Quick and delicious recipe
FINGER: Puff pastry with goath cheese, ham and grilled zucchini
Easy and quick appetizer for everyone
LIGHT: Steamed codfish
Light recipe: steamed codfish with parsley
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LIGHT: Steamed codfish

Light recipe: steamed codfish with parsley

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