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Christmas Eve: Rabbit with chocolate & rum

A really interesting and gorgeous combination among elements: meat, chocolate and a good rum. An easy recipe that surprised us too! Wonderful suggestion for Christmas Eve

Serving size 4

A medium size rabbit

A glass of golden rum

50 gr butter

3 spoons of extra virgin olive oil

15 gr of powdered cocoa

1 white onion

1 spoon and a half sugar

1 juniper berry

Pink pepper and pink salt to taste

To marinate

1 lt of white wine

1 tangerine

1 orange

1 clove

1 laurel leaf


Take the rabbit cut it into pieces and put it into a big bowl where you will add the white wine, the tangerine and orange juices, the clove, the laurel leaf. Leave it like this for at least 3 hours. Leave the liquid of the marinating aside when time has passed.

When this time has passed by take a cast iron pot or terracotta pot, put it to heat with the flame breaker, add oil and butter, the cute onion and the rabbit. Make it brown from both side, turning it once in a while.

At this point add the rum and let the alcool evaporate completely. Take the cocoa powder, melt it in to some hot water and add it to the rabbit together with sugar, the clove, the pink salt and pepper and let it cook for about 15 minutes.

Add the liquid of the marinating, filtered with a colander. Keep on cooking for an hour about, turning the meat once in a while. The rabbit will be ready when the chocolate cream will be creamy and medium density.

You can serve with smashed potatoes or with boiled potatoes too.

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