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Italy beyond the visible: Apulia

Aggiornamento: 18 giu 2020

Travelling in Italy is always exciting: it is a place where you can experience impressions and emotions: beautiful landscapes, cities dense and rich in art concept, high mountains, lakes, beaches, traditions, ancient culture, contemporaneity and...of and wine! It would be so easy to talk about classical and traditional routes, which of course, we will do for sure! But, first of all, we would like to talk about these little corners, these particular product which are classified..."beyond the visible". Our aim is to let you discover our country by travelling throughout your senses: the sight, the smell, the taste and the touch. So there we will be: designing your travels following the tradition in food and wine, giving you the chance to enjoy something special.

Apulia is for sure one of the most fascinating region in the south of Italy and it is also indisputable the fact that one of the most important product in Apulia is olive oil: full body, tasty, reminiscing the summer sun and the consistency of the soil it comes from, apulian olive oil makes the difference when preparing a traditional recipe. The biggest production comes from the area of Bari, from the Gargano Peninsula and from the Salento: the tasting and smelling go through different sensations depending on the soil: fruity, spicy it always gives to the dishes a great personality in any case.

If you take a look traveling throughout the region you cannot help but noticing that wide spaces with small villages and well structured cities along the coast are the prevalent scheme that designs the geographic and demographic map: the farmer tradition still exists very strongly and you can perceive it in the endless land possessions, rich in olive oil trees plantations, vegetables, wheat fields and the seaside on the other hand, to create the perfect equilibrium.

The seaside plays a very important role in the touristic incoming in Apulia and all this has a reason: wonderful beaches, blue sea, astonishing landscapes is all what you will find in the destination, together with excellent food, especially talking about seafood!

The sea which surrounds a big portion of this region,indeed, gifts its inhabitants with a big variety of mussels and shellfishes: the “hairy mussels” and the “mussels from Taranto” so appreciated as well as canestrelli, canolicchi, oysters, fasolari, bulli, mussels, “hearts of the sea” clams and lupins. An huge miscellaneous supply that you can find on the market in order to prepare delicate and great recipes.

So, as you can surely see and read, Apulia is a perfect beautiful lady waiting for you!

This is only a short introduction we want to give to you! But please stay tuned! And we will for sure tell you more and more details about Apulia that we loves sooooo much!

Some areas of interest : Gargano Peninsula, Gargano National Park, Vieste, Bari, Alberobello, Otranto, Lecce.

Which is the best period to travel in Apulia? From April to November

How long to stay? 10 to 15 days

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1 Comment

claralaura ricci
claralaura ricci
Jun 16, 2020

Apulia is really a paradise! ...travelling there I found again the sense of the best italian ancient tradition....

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