Light Diet: steamed codfish with parsley

I went to the market on this Tuesday and I found some super fresh codfish fillets which were...just calling me! They were so fresh, recalling me the scent of the seawater...that I have decided to cook them in the simplest way I could in order to exalt their superbe taste! I have also decided to cook them in my steaming pot because it was a way for sure to help my diet: you know, after Covid 19, my weight gained...some ...I had to find a solution which could give to me and to my readers something delicious and...super healthy! So, when I got home I immediately wash them under current water and prepared them trying to share this delicacy: tasty, helping, comforting and...well...just enjoy! For your information: 100 gr of steamed codfish contain 82 kcal...wonderful!

Serving size 4

4 fresh codfish fillets

Some parsley

1 squeezed fresh lemon

1 clove of garlic

1 laurel leaf, 1 juniper berry - half a carrot - a stalk of celery

extra vergine olive oil - salt - pepper


Wash the codfish fillet carefully and put them in the steaming pot: in the water you will use for steaming, add the laurel leaf, the juniper berry, half a carrot and the stalk of celery. Cover the fish with the proper cap and leave it cooking for about 20 minutes from when water star to boil. Of course this will also depend on the thickness of the fillets, but remember we do not want the fish to be overcooked: it will result too dry. When fish is cooked, put it on a platter and season it with olive oil, salt, pepper, parsley and garlic finely chopped, lemon juice. If you do not like garlic to be chopped you can also put it in 2 big pieces...leave them for some minutes then, take them out before serving. Enjoy it with a glass of fresh sparkling white wine and while eating...smell the perfume of this precious product coming from the sea: Nature always gift us with everything we need!

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