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Cucine dal Mondo 5 is a project born from our passions and experiences: Clara Laura Ricci and Nicoletta Debora Ricci, sisters!
The world of Food and Travel, the desire to tell stories with creativity and innovation, to give space to those who work hard and follow their dreams with sacrifice and dedication, our website / blog takes care of this and much more.
What we propose is to become a meeting point, between Italy and the rest of the world, between north and south, east and west, a nice table around which we can all sit together and chat, grow, learn, share our experiences and design new ones .... and eat of course !!!
There are many ideas, accompanied by the same enthusiasm, also thanks to those who collaborate with us, we hope to soon become a path that winds and connects the peoples of the five continents, through an exchange of cultures and traditions related to food!

Clara Laura Ricci

 Travel designer & planner

Food & travel writer, blogger

Attiva ai fornelli!

Nicoletta D. Ricci

Architetto - Writer - Foodblogger -

Web Designer - Web advertising planner 

 Attiva ai fornelli!!


Leonardo De Berti

Foto - Riprese - Multimediale

Recensioni ristoranti - locali

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