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The courses are customizable, individual or in groups - max 4 people in attendance - (only online for the moment).

They are intended for:
- anyone who wants to learn how to make classic, colored and decorated fresh pasta, filled pasta in various shapes, types and cooking methods;
- For those who love homemade products, for those who want to refine the knowledge they already have, for those who love to have their hands in the dough and want to spend a few hours in the kitchen having fun, for those who prefer healthy cooking.

1st Course: Basic Fresh Pasta / or pasta without egg, the use of semolina
- classic egg tagliatelle with sauce
-  orecchiette with turnip greens
Duration: about 3 hours
Cost € 30
The course can also be focused on a single pasta format.
2nd Course: Stuffed Pasta
- ricotta and spinach ravioli
- ricotta and lemon cappellacci
Duration: about 2.50 / 3.00 hours
Cost € 35
3rd Course: natural colors and decorations
- pasta of various shapes, how to color it and what to use
- we create floral decorations and various shapes on lasagna, ravioli and pappardelle.
Course duration 2.50 / 3 hours approximately
Cost € 35
4 ° Rice and Risotto
-risotto alla trevigiana and red wine with parmesan wafer
- saffron risotto with cuttlefish and artichokes
- Venus rice salad with broad beans and brandy shrimps
These are just a few customizable examples, for both cold and warm seasons

Other cooking classes are based on traditional Italian regional recipes such as

-Tagliatelle with ragù - Emilia Romagna 

-Eggplant parmigiana / sarde a beccafico - Sicily

-Cantucci / Pappardelle /Pici /Gnudi - Tuscany

-Malloreddus / Spaghetti alla Bottarga - Sardinia

-Trenette al pesto - Liguria

-Vitello Tonnato - Piemonte

-Spaghetti al pomodoro and...... many other delicious recipes


The creative cooking courses proposed here are aimed at those who want to create captivating presentations for their culinary preparations.


Offering a "Caprese" with a flame-cut tomato or fruit and vegetables as if they were a bouquet is a creative way of expressing ourselves and our cuisine and a special thanks to those to whom we offer them.


During these courses, specific cutting / carving tools and techniques are used and will lead you to present Ham, Bresaola,Salami, Cheeses and buffet dishes in a truly unique way.


This type of courses cannot be carried out effectively online, so we hope to be able to resume them as soon as possible in presence.

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