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Marostica: cherries, cherries, cherries!

Veneto is a region in the northern part of Italy which is usually known for Venice and Verona. These are without doubt two very important touristic cities, where we can find important buildings and the very essence of that golden period that have characterized the historical and architectural significance of our country. But, you know, Cucine dal Mondo 5, wants to help his followers and readers to discover precious treasures and corners playing an important role in the whole vision. This is why we have decided to publish a short editorial dedicated to Marostica: a small city in the province of Vicenza, very famous for cherries and...chess! Yes my friends, you understood it very well: cherries and chess!

Marostica is known and famous for the chess game, using living pieces!! It is played in the main square, which is called "The chess square" and it is usually performed in the month of September, 2° week (if you want to be updated, check this information in a better way, this is due to the Covid19 on

But the area of Marostica and its countryside is also famous for the cherries production in many varieties. It was the first type of cherry that gained the IGP brand, which means Protected Geographical Indication. This kind of cherries must be sold with its own brand because it is the only variety of cherries with these characteristics. The fruit is a round red fruit with a very firm pulp, sweet and sour at the same time...absolutely...delicious!

How can we use it in recipes? It can be mixed in very fresh and summer salads, together with pine nuts, walnuts, seasoned cheeses: it is perfect in combination with roasted meats, such as fillet with the cherries of Marostica and, of course, it is perfect to realize fantastic cherrie pies, marmalades and fruit salads.

From an healthy point of view we must say that cherries can bring benefits and help; they are a good source of fibre, vitamins and minerals, including potassium, calcium, vitamin A and folic acid. They are also well known for their antioxidant properties and a precious help against water retention.

So, you have a lot of reasons to include Marostica in your italian trip, in case you want to choose Veneto as one of your holidays destination: you can perfectly combine Venice with Verona and Marostica, including a visit to the natural areas and reserves in a region, which can offer a good opportunity to enjoy wonderful landscapes, rivers and mountains view and of course, not for last, vineyards. Veneto is one of the most important destination for those who love wines: the territory surface dedicated to vineyards is about 78.200 ha and around the 70% is dedicated to white grapes! Don't forget another important product you will find in Veneto which is the Grappa: an alcoholic distillate which is traditionally made from pomace and vinace, the rest of skins, pips and stalks after the pressing to get wine.

The best period to visit Marostica? From June to November

The ideal duration of a trip in Veneto? Around 10 days

So...dear readers and followers...stay tuned!

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