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Pasta with pesto sauce: the original one!

Pasta with pesto sauce is one of the most popular all over the world: there are many different ways to prepare it but the original is just... one!

The most important thing is to have a high quality pesto sauce: so, we have decided to prepare it with our fresh basil, growing in my personal garden nursery...and the difference...immediately comes to smell and taste!

We are considering to prepare it just for 4 portions, but, if you want to have more, just multiply the ingredients and prepare a sterilized glass jar that you will use to preserve. Remember to put it in the fridge, well covered by oil so that it won't get acid.

Try not to use a mixer and prefer a mortar: it will gain in taste and the texture will let you understand that it is a home made pesto sauce!

Ingredients for pesto sauce

Basil a good quantity

Extra vergine olive oil

Parmesan cheese and pecorino cheese

Pine nuts, a couple of spoons

Nuts, a couple of spoons

Salt q.b.

Wash your basil very well and put it apart. Start putting the pine nuts and the nuts in the mortar and work it as far as they become a sort of floury cream. Put it apart.

Use the mixer to mince both parmesan and pecorino cheese but not too thin. Put it apart.

Take the basil, put it into the mortar and star working it till it will become completely minced If it is necessary add a little bit of olive oil to help you.

Take a bowl, put all the ingredients inside and mix them all together, adding salt. Once the ingredients are homogeneous put them in a glass jar or in a and cover with olive oil.

Your pesto sauce is ready to be used. If you want to preserve it, sterilize the jar and put the pesto in the fridge.

Pasta with pesto sauce for 4 pax

This recipe comes originally from Liguria, a region in the northern part of Italy.

To make an original pasta with pesto sauce you will need 3 more ingredients

400 gr of trofie (it's a fresh pasta but id you do not find it you can also use spaghetti o linguine)

2 medium potatoes

White or green beans, a handful

Peal the potatoes and cut them together with the beans into small pieces. Put the water for the pasta to boil and add the cut vegetables. Once the water comes to boil, put salt into it and wait some more minutes to add the pasta so that the vegetables can come to a perfect consistency, not too cooked, they must be crunchy. Add your pasta choice and make it "al dente".

While the pasta is cooking, put the pesto into a little bowl and add some hot water: mix it till it comes creamy.

Drain the pasta together with the vegetables, add the pesto sauce and mix very well. If you like you can add extra parmesan cheese and are ready to enjoy this delicious recipe!

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