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Florence: treasures, art, food & wine

Tuscany: hills and wonderful landscapes that mean history and a marvelous past; a past that has given birth to unique works of art, paintings, architecture, traditions and culture. Tuscany: the land of nature, with its incredible routes among mountains and castles, medieval villages and major cities. But arriving in Tuscany the first stop must be, without doubt Florence: the city that welcomes everyone with its magnificent buildings, the medieval squares, domes and bells.The city that reminds us architectural geniuses that has given birth to what we see today: a declared treasure and an Unesco Heritage to be preserved.

Organizing a week end or a long staying in this city will give you the opportunity to enjoy all its beauties and of course another important aspect not to be underestimated: food and wine culture!

We are almost sure about the fact that everyone in the world knows the fabulous chianina meat from which the “Fiorentina” takes origin: did you know that fiorentina comes from the ancient times? The tradition tells that during the reign of the De Medici family, in the month of august, this very rich people used to cook pieces of chianina meat on the grill, in the middle of the main square, to be given away to the poorest one. This particular event was called “the night of the stars”!

Starting a journey in Florence is the best way to enter in the italian mood 100%! Talking about food and wine we would like to suggest a period where you can have the opportunity to taste a couple of things that we really think are worthwhile: porcini mushrooms and the vendemmia! So, if you’ll have the chance to travel between August and September to October you will really experience something extraordinary!

You will take advantage of these wonders and spend a day in the tuscan countryside where you can organize a full day tour, tasting wines and enjoying a dish of tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms: you will not forget for sure a day like this!

If you decide to sleep in the city of Florence you will surely find all kind of hotels you may need: from a B&B to luxury 5 stars hotels, it will be just a question of preferences and economical possibility.

We have personally tried one of the best boutique hotels in the city center:Palazzo Niccolini al Duomo, in a pole position , almost in front of the wonderful dome by Brunelleschi. Elegant, comfortable, classic, will give you the possibility to walk in the main city center and enjoy life and people even during the night time.

If you decide to move yourself just a little bit out of the corner, you will find marvelous solutions such as Belmont Villa San Michele, a paradise into paradise where you can enjoy a unique view across Florence and get the best top service you can ask in an hotel such as this: an excellent boutique hotel with an excellent restaurant.

The best period to visit Florence and Tuscany? From June to November

The ideal duration of a trip in Tuscany? Around 10 days

Around Florence? You cannot live Tuscany without visiting Siena, Montalcino and the countryside where you can find the most famous vineyards producing Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, Sassicaia, Montepulciano, just to say something!

So, dear followers, stay tuned with us! We will keep on talking about our wonderful Tuscany, giving you food and travel tips and…recipes of course!

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