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Piedmont, grapes and harvest: barolo

Thinking about Italy in terms of food and wine is always interesting and exciting! We are now entering in the month of September and my mind goes directly to ...vineyards: long rows of white and red grapes, mature, inviting, ready for the harvest, ready to be!

Italy has so much to tell about wines and their origins: each region has a strong identity and it's able to offer a high quality product on the market: from a small farm to large producers, we can find whatever we think about, in terms of "well drinking" solutions!

So, let's fly to Piedmont, a region situated in the northern part of Italy. 48,000 hectares of cultivated area, 43% of which in altitude, 30% hills cultivation, 27% flat lands. The amount of production stays around 2.600.000 hl, most of them DOP.

Piedmont is generally known for red wines but we have to say that this region is also mother to exceptional still and sparkling white ones. It's vineyard tradition goes from century to century till nowadays: we can confirm, without doubt, that Piedmont has brought back to the top the italian wine production.

Concerning the matter... we would like to present to our followers and wine lovers the BAROLO

The Barolo wine takes origin from Nebbiolo vineyards and the name comes from the area of production. Due to the type of grapes, the maturation is very slow; the harvest is indeed planned towards the month of November. It will take around 3 years for the refinement procedures which , nowadays, is usually done in barrique: this will give to the Barolo more softness.

Organoleptic features: Barolo is a mature wine, still and full bodied; the color goes from a intense ruby red tending to orange while time is passing by. It has a floral bouquet that goes from roses to violets, remembering also some summer fruits such as cherries, wild strawberries and raspberries. The spicy part of the wine remember us of coffee and licorice.

Serving features: Barolo must be served at a temperature that goes from 18° to 20° in a wide glass, giving the wine the possibility to express itself in all its flavors. We recommend to open the bottle at least 1 h before: in some cases, when the Barolo is old and vintage, we will need to put it in a vertical position a day before serving and opening it some hours before drinking.

Combination with food: barolo is perfect with red meats, roasted meats, game meats and truffles.

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