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Baked duck with cherries

This recipe is quite easy in its execution: the important thing is to have best quality product, especially for the meat. It is a perfect combination between cherries and the strong flavor of the duck meat. We suppose is not that easy to find Marostica cherries abroad: you can use in any case other types providing that these must be mature and sweet

Serving size 4

1 duck of about 1kg

1 kg of cherries ( Marostica should be perfect)

Salt and white pepper

Some butter

A glass of red wine


Take the duck and wash it very well: if necessary remove the remaining feathers with fire on a stove, paying attention not to burn the skin of the duck: you may alternatively use scissors to cut them away from the skin.

Put the duck in a owen pan, add just a little bit of butter around the duck, salt and pepper .

Put the pan in the owen, 200° for 20 minutes then add the cherries without the stone, the red wine and keep on cooking for 30 minutes at 180°. Add wine if necessary while cooking.

When the duck is ready, cut the breast in slices and put them on a serving dish with the cherries sauce around.

The wine

Bordeaux Supérieur: spicy, full bodied, aged in barrels for 19 months, this wine is originated from 40 years old vineyards. Undergrowth notes, with a scent of vanilla and coffee seeds. To be served in wide chalice, 18°/20°. To be opened at least 2 hours before serving.

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