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Meatballs: italian tradition & taste!

This is one of the most traditional recipe in Italy which is usually eaten as main dish or combined with pasta and tomatoes sauce. The best way to realize meatballs is to use super fresh product! My grandmother use to do it with the boiled meat in broth the day before: anyway, today we present it in the fresh minced meat version. Follow the steps as said...and you will get the best "polpette" in the world! Enjoy!

Serve size 4 400 gr minced fresh meat

1 whole egg and 1egg yolk 1 crushed glove of garlic - fresh parsley to be chopped 50 gr of mortadella - 50 gr of prosciutto crudo 70 gr parmesan cheese 50 gr pecorino cheese 2 slices of toasted bread - a glass of fresh milk Salt - pepper - grated bread- basil - nutmeg in a very small quantity

Direction Put the minced meat in a bowl and add the eggs; then, using a mixer you can grind parmesan cheese, pecorino cheese, the one piece mortadella, the one piece prosciutto crudo. The best way should be to grind everything with the knife; if you you use the mixer remember to cut all the ingredients in small pieces and mix gently obtaining a medium level of mixing: we don't want it too much mixed, we must see all the little pieces of prosciutto and mortadella, not a creamy mixing!

Once cheeses, mortadella and prosciutto are mixed, add them in the bowl with the meat. Chop your parsley together with garlic and add to the bowl too. Take the 2 slices bread you have lightly toasted before, put them in the milk for some minutes and then, squeeze them very well and add to the bowl. Add salt, pepper and a very small quantity of grated nutmeg. Use your hand to mix everything very gently and when it is ready begin to realize the small meatballs. Remember to consider a small/medium size: they will cook better.

Prepare a pot with seed oil: remember not to use olive oil because your fried meatballs will result too much "heavy". Put the grated bread in a dish and start to roll the meatballs in the bread, one at a time, very carefully. When oil is very hot put the meatballs in the pot and fry. Remember to consider the size of the pan and do not put them all in a time: there must be space among the meatballs. Turn them once in a while and when the color is getting to sunny brown, remove them from the pot and put them on a piece of absorbent paper.

Serve them with grilled vegetables and garnish with a leaf of fresh basil: enjoy!

Suggested wine

Nero d’Avola DOC

This authochtonous wine represents the very essence of the red sicilian wines. The main area of production is around Noto, Pachino and Eloro. It is fruity, sweet and sometimes with notes and scents of dry flowers and spices : it mainly depends from the area and the exposition of the vineyards. It has a good acidity and it smells of fruits, sour cherries and violets. It can be very spicy at palate and the color is very bright ruby red. Serve at 18° to 20°, opening it at least 1/2 hour before and possibly let it breathe in a decanter.

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