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Sicily: the region of figs

Sicily is a reach region that has a very strong identity: history, art, wonderful and magnificent landscapes but, most of all, a strong tradition in food and wine. This big island completely surrounded by the sea, is the perfect settlement for many agricultural productions, among which, figs.

This fruit, which I adore, usually grows in the wild even if in the present time, due to the exportation request, many farmers have begun to cultivate this precious tree. it is not so usual to find them in the markets and prices are not so cheap but, once in a year, I love to eat them in quantity. As soon as I find them available I do not give up for any reason!! So, dear food lovers, here has come the time to speak about...figs!!

They are very reach in vitamins, they help and protect our skin, the prevent inflammations and they just content 47 kcal for each 100 gr product: isn't it wonderful?!

Sicily has dedicated just 3000 h of land to this production but, consider, that they also grow spontaneously.In case you would decide to travel to Sicily, don't be afraid: you will find them on the roadside and near a beach! Just be careful not to enter a private property...which is not the case!

Jokes aside, I love this fruit just because is so adaptable in a menu, that you can consider to prepare it both with salty and sweet ingredients or even eat it just as it is: natural, sweet, full bodied as a good wine!

I personally love to combine it with fresh cheeses such as ricotta but even with half seasoned pecorino. If you love figs jam they are perfect with a salami or prosciutto crudo.

In this occasion we would love to propose


Serving size 4

14 ripe fresh figs (if you do not have them you can also use dry figs, putting them into warm water for half an hour to soften) + 4 figs to decorate

320 gr. rice ( The best for risotto is the Carnaroli type or Arborio)

10 gr. chopped white onion

50 ml white wine

60 gr. butter

1 spoon extra virgin olive oil

vegetable broth (1 onion, 1 carrot, 1 zucchini, 1 piece of celery, 1 ripe tomato) , salt and pepper


First of all, start preparing the vegetable broth: put some water in a pot with the vegetables indicated in the ingredients; add a spoon of olive oil, salt and bring it to boil. You will need 45 minutes about, depending on the size of the vegetables which must be well done to release they taste into the water.

Cut the onion and chop it finely.

At the same time, cut the figs, each into 4 parts.

When broth is ready put the butter in a pan together with a spoon of olive oil; once it comes to the temperature, add the chopped onion and let it brown , but not too much toasted.

At this point, add the rice, toast it and use white wine to blend the rice. When the wine has completely evaporated, start adding the vegetable broth, one ladle at a time and half quantity of the cut figs.

Remember to keep on stirring the rice without stopping; otherwise it will stick on the bottom of the pan.

Add salt to the risotto and , after about 15 minutes, add the other part of cut figs, the remaining butter to let the rice whisk: serve, putting on each portion an open fig to decorate. and black pepper .

The perfect wine?

Moscato giallo DOC from Alto Adige.

Fresh and with a scent of green apples, lemon, mango and orange flowers.

Serving temperature: 10/12° still

8/10° sparkling

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