Sicilian tradition: cannoli with ricotta cream...the dessert!

This is for sure one of my preferred desserts: Sicily is a region which stays in my heart. When I was a child I have lived with my sister in Siracusa and Catania because of the work of my father; this is one of the reasons why I love this part of Italy so much! And I really adore much as I adore cherries: let's say a lot!

So when my son, Nicolò, who is studying to become a chef in a professional school, came home with some cannoli which he prepared with his chef,...I suddenly decided to prepare a fresh, sweet and delicious ricotta cream to fill them.

I can say say that this is a recipe "played" 6 hands...surely interesting!

So here it is, I really adore the idea to share it with you!

For the cannoli

Serving size: 8/10

250 gr flour 00

60 ml Marsala wine (or white wine)

A spoon vinegar

40 gr butter or lard

A pinch of salt

A teaspoon of powdered cocoa: if you want a lighter color for the dough add less cocoa powder

40 gr sugar

2 big egg yolks or 3 medium

The grated peel of a lemon, possibly bio

oil or lard to fry

Butter to use for the steel cylinders

For the ricotta cream

Serving size: 8/10

800 gr sheep ricotta

200 gr cow's milk ricotta

360 gr powdered sugar

Half grated lemon peel and 1/4 grated orange peel