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Sicilian tradition: cannoli with ricotta cream...the dessert!

This is for sure one of my preferred desserts: Sicily is a region which stays in my heart. When I was a child I have lived with my sister in Siracusa and Catania because of the work of my father; this is one of the reasons why I love this part of Italy so much! And I really adore much as I adore cherries: let's say a lot!

So when my son, Nicolò, who is studying to become a chef in a professional school, came home with some cannoli which he prepared with his chef,...I suddenly decided to prepare a fresh, sweet and delicious ricotta cream to fill them.

I can say say that this is a recipe "played" 6 hands...surely interesting!

So here it is, I really adore the idea to share it with you!

For the cannoli

Serving size: 8/10

250 gr flour 00

60 ml Marsala wine (or white wine)

A spoon vinegar

40 gr butter or lard

A pinch of salt

A teaspoon of powdered cocoa: if you want a lighter color for the dough add less cocoa powder

40 gr sugar

2 big egg yolks or 3 medium

The grated peel of a lemon, possibly bio

oil or lard to fry

Butter to use for the steel cylinders

For the ricotta cream

Serving size: 8/10

800 gr sheep ricotta

200 gr cow's milk ricotta

360 gr powdered sugar

Half grated lemon peel and 1/4 grated orange peel


Take a pastry board or a bowl and put all the ingredients together: flour, the egg yolks, the lemon peel, sugar, cocoa powder, salt, vinegar, lard or butter cute into pieces, the Marsala wine, or the white wine. Start working the dough as far as you will obtain an homogeneous and elastic product. Form a sort of ball and wrap it with the transparent film, putting it into the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

Once the dough has rested enough, start working it, obtaining a 2 millimeters thick result: you can use a machine for the fresh pasta production, cutting the dough into 4 pieces and working them in the machine till you will obtain stripes of the thickness you need, from which you will obtain discs of 9 to 10 cm wide, using a pastry ring.

Take each disc of pasta you have obtained and roll it around the steel cylinder, that you have previously greased with butter: close it helping yourself with some water or the white of an egg. Once this operation is done, the cannolo is ready to be fried. Remember to fry them suddenly after having closed them: don't leave the pasta there waiting and fry them while making them.

Fry your cannoli in hot seeds oil or lard: they will be ready when they will get of a golden brown. Put them on absorbent paper and remove the cylinder only when they are completely cold. They are now ready to be filled.

For the cream

Take a bowl and put the ricotta inside together with the powdered sugar, the grated lemon and orange peel. Work the product with a spatula till the cream is completely smooth. If the ricotta cheese has too much water, remember to let it drain because we don't need this water into the cream we are going to prepare.

Remember to start filling the cannoli only some minutes before serving: so you can prepare the cream, put it into the fridge and use it when you need: do not put the cannoli into the fridge.

When you are ready, take a sac a poche and start filling your cannoli; put them on a serving dish and add some powdered sugar.

What can I do if I don't have the cylinders?

Don't worry: we can use the discs without closing them. The procedure is the same: the only variation is that you will obtain a kind of contemporary, "discomposed" cannolo.

Use the discs you have cut with the pastry rings directly into the frying oil: fry them, put them on absorbent paper and once they are cold you can set them on a serving dish, adding the ricotta cream composing the design you prefer. At this point you can add powdered cocoa, some lemon zest or dark chocolate drops

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